Dog Toy for a Big Dog: West Paw Tizzi

We have gone through several dog toys since bringing home our Bullmastiff. While she loves plush toys, she’s torn open plush dog toys from Kong and Tuffy’s, so we always have hard chew toy, such as a Benebone, available for her to chew on. This West Paw Tizzi dog toy, however, has a specific use.

We use the West Paw Tizzi to keep our Bullmastiff occupied when we are leaving the house. We fill the pit with her favorite dog treat and give it to her just before we walk out the door. She’s happy…and we’re happy that she’s happy.

The dog treat used in the video is a Carob Apple Pupcake. We used to offer this dog treat when we operated a gourmet dog bakery in Humboldt County, California.


  • Don’t pack the dog treats into the pit too hard, or your dog may not be able to get the treat out.
  • It’s been trial and error, but I find that the homemade dog treats I make for our dog have the best consistency to allow your dog to get to the bottom of the pit, but I have used store bought treats as well.
  • Bananas work very well with the Tizzi!

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