Top 10 Pet Food Companies in the World by Revenue

What do you think about the top brands on the list of Top Pet Food Companies in the World as provided by

Keep in mind that this list includes the top brands by REVENUE; not by nutritional value. When I started to research the best dog food for puppies in preparation for bringing home our Bullmastiff puppy, I was surprised to learn that companies best known for candies, ice cream, cereal, and jams are leading the sales of pet food. 

As I continued my research into the best dog food, I learned how kibble came to be and understand the reason why kibble was developed. However, the progression with pet food is severely lacking when compared to how far we’ve come with human foods. Today, humans have organic and non-GMO foods. But, the majority of our pets are still being fed foods that have the nutritional value equivalent to fast food. 

I believe there are some regulations that prevent better pet foods from reaching the mass market. In California, you are not able to produce dog food or dog treats under a cottage food permit. Not only do you need to prepare the dog food or dog treat in a commercial kitchen (which requires rent and insurance costs), you may need up to three different licenses from state agencies depending on the ingredients of the dog food and whether you want to be able to label your product as organic. I know this because I operated a gourmet dog bakery for a short time in Humboldt County, California.

And, we all remember what happened when Morgan Spurlock experimented with eating solely fast food for one-month straight in his document, Super Size Me. I fear that the ill-effects he encountered with his health is the same thing happening to our pets when we feed them kibble for every meal for their entire life. How junk would it be if you only got fed pizza for every meal of your entire life?

If you’re still buying commercial food for your dog, then make sure you read this eye-opening report on about the 9 worst dog foods. You’ll likely know some some or most of these products.

If you are interested in human grade ingredient pet food and would like a list of recommendations for healthy pet food, I encourage you to check out Susan Thixton’s listat her website, I am not paid to promote Ms. Thixton’s list and I have not purchased it as I feed my own raw dog recipes. However, if you are looking for a resource, I trust the information Ms. Thixton provides on pet food.

“Top Pet Food Companies Current Data.”, Accessed 10 February 2023,

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