What’s Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign?

Dog astrology, also known as pet astrology or animal astrology, is the practice of using astrological signs to better understand a dog’s personality traits and behaviors. While there is no scientific evidence to support the validity of pet astrology, some people believe that a dog’s astrological sign can provide insight into their likes, dislikes, and overall temperament.

According to some pet astrologers, a dog’s sign is determined by their birth date. Each sign is associated with specific personality traits and characteristics, such as loyalty, independence, intelligence, and playfulness.

Does your dog’s personality match its astrology sign? If you don’t know your dog’s birthday, which horoscope sign matches the traits of your dog? Click the pin below to see the traits of the various zodiac signs, then…REPLY WITH A COMMENT BELOW!

Ruger our Bullmastiff is a Virgo, and she definitely matches the traits of this astrology sign!

While this question was purely for entertainment purposes, I have to admit that I do enjoy astrology. Not only did Native Hawaiians farm and fish according to the moon phases, but I believe that the gravitational pull of the sun and moon impacts earth as well as all things living on it.

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