How to Use a Gentle Leader Head Collar on Your Dog

If we are in public outdoor spaces, you will likely see Ruger our Bullmastiff wearing a Petsafe Gentle Leader head collar. Ruger has an incredible amount of strength, and while this doesn’t substitute continuous dog training, we use it for the extra control it provides.

Not only has Ruger been charged after on two separate occasions by unleashed dogs in our neighborhood, she’s also been targeted for being a big dog. A person walking past our property had the nerve to tell us that she would spray Ruger with pepper spray if I didn’t have Ruger under control. We were standing on our own property, and Ruger was still a puppy and she was leashed up. That’s when I learned that not everyone will think Ruger is a sweetheart.

If you’re concerned that your dog is going to hurt their throat from pulling so hard, we’d recommend at least testing it out. My husband was an immediate supporter once we found the proper head collar. There are different brands available like the Halti, but the Petsafe Gentle Leader is the one that fits our Bullmastiff properly and doesn’t allow her to wiggle out of it.

If you have ever wondered how to put on a Gentle Leader head collar, or if your dog will be able to eat or drink with it on, then watch here:

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