Bullmastiff LOVES her football!

If you’re a Bullmastiff owner, you know that these sweet dogs are known for their love of playtime. And when it comes to toys, it can be tough to find ones that can withstand the power and enthusiasm of a Bullmastiff. That’s why we were so excited to discover the Nerf Dog Bash Treat Football Dog Toy, which quickly became a favorite for Ruger our Bullmastiff.

The football dog toy is made from durable materials that can stand up to rough play and chewing. Its unique shape makes it easy for dogs to pick up and carry around, and its soft texture is perfect for chewing and gnawing. Our Bullmastiff loves to play fetch with her football toy, and she also enjoys carrying it around the house and showing it off to visitors.

One of the best things about the football dog toy is that it can help promote exercise and playtime for your Bullmastiff. As a breed that is prone to obesity and weight gain, it’s important to make sure that Bullmastiffs get plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Playing with a toy like the football dog toy can provide mental and physical stimulation, and it’s a great way to bond with your furry friend.

Overall, we highly recommend the football dog toy for any Bullmastiff owner looking for a durable and fun toy for their pup. It’s a great investment that will provide hours of entertainment and playtime for your furry friend, and it can help keep them healthy and active as they get older.

Ku’u is short for “ho’oku’u” which means “to release” in Hawaiian. See more dog commands in the Hawaiian language.

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