Recent Studies on Common Flea & Tick Medications

If you haven’t seen Rodney Habib’s YouTube video on this topic, you can watch it below. The studies he references in the video are linked following the video.

Rodney Habib – Author of “Forever Dog”

The Effects of Fipronil on Emotional and Cognitive Behaviors in Mammals

A recent study has identified potentially harmful effects of Fipronil on the emotional and cognitive behaviors in mammals, including dogs.

Fipronil is the pest killing component of topical flea medications sold under the brand names: Frontline®, Barricade®, Easyspot®, Effipro®, Sentry Fiproguard®, Parastar®, PetArmor®, Pronyl OTC®, Spectra Sure®, and many others.

Read the study here:

Potential Adverse Effects Associated with Isoxasoline Flea and Tick Products

The Food & Drug Administration released a Fact Sheet for Pet Owners and Veterinarians about Potential Adverse Effects Associated with Isoxasoline Flea and Tick Products.

Of serious concern is that “Isoxasoline products have been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including muscle tremors, ataxia, and seizures in some dogs and cats”.

Flea products containing Isoxasoline are sold under the brand names Bravecto®, Nexgard® and Simparica®.

Read the Fact Sheet here:

New Insights into Fipronil Toxicity

The United States Geological Survey has found that Fipronil is contaminating water sources at levels which are harmful to aquatic life.

Read the article here:

Study Suggests Fipronil Caused Massive Honeybee Die-off in France

Researchers have “found evidence that implicates the insecticide fipronil as the culprit behind a massive die-off of honeybees in France in the 1990s.”

Read the article here:

For Informational Purposes Only

Disclaimer: I am not a medical pet professional. This information is being provided to aid pet guardians who are doing their own due diligence on what’s best for their pets.

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