Pet Cleaner Spray

How to use our Clean-n-Fresh Pet Cleaner Spray

Our Clean-n-Fresh Pet Cleaner Spray is the perfect solution for keeping your pets clean and fresh between baths. The lightly-scented spray is great for cleaning dog faces after raw dog meals, dirty paws after stepping in mud, messy bottoms after an upset tummy, and as a dog refresher spray between washes. Made with broccoli seed oil and karanja oil, this cruelty-free product keeps your pet happy while they stay clean! Find it over at our online boutique:

Shake well before use. Spray pet cleaner on a cloth or paper towel then wipe down your pet where needed.


  • On paws, after stepping in mud or anything dirty.
  • On bottom, after a bout of an upset stomach.
  • On muzzle, after feeding raw food.
  • On body, between washes.

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